•    Power to borrow loan and obtain assistance: The Board may borrow loan or obtain assistance from any bank or financial institution with in Nepal or any foreign government, international organization or body.  Prior to borrowing a loan or obtaining assistance from a foreign government, international organization or body, the Board shall obtain permission of the Government of Nepal.
•    Power to make investment: The Board may make investment of money in the fund taking into consideration of the interests of users.
•    Power to enter into house and land: The employee may enter into house and land of user by giving information there of, accompanied by the reason, to the concerned person. Provided that, if there is any reasonable ground and reason to doubt that any person is misusing the service or using the service in an unauthorized manner, it is not required to give information.
•    Power to lay pipes in public or private building and land:  The Board may lay pipelines or make other structures in any public or private building and land for the purpose of provide the water supply or sanitation service to the users.  If, in laying the pipelines or making other structures, any loss or damage is caused to the private building and land of give a reasonable compensation to the concerned building and land owner in consideration for such loss or damage as per prevailing laws
•    Power to collect fees from service providers: The Board may collect fees as prescribed from the service providers operating the service within its geographical area.
•    Power to suspend or terminate service:  The Board or service provider, as the case may be, may suspend or terminate the service of any user who defaults on payment of the tariff fixed.
•    Power to form sub-committee: The Board may form subcommittees, as required, comprising also of concerned experts related with various fields, service provider and users for the smooth operation of the activit ies to be operated by it.
The functions, duties and powers of the sub-committees formed  and the facilities to be received by the members of the sub-committees shall be as prescribed.
•    Power to frame Rules: The Board may frame necessary Rules, and such rules shall come into force after being approval by the Government of Nepal.
•    Power to frame and enforce directives: The Board may frame and enforce necessary directives.

Executive Committee Members


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