There shall be a separate fund of the Board. It consists of the following amounts:
•    Amounts received from the Government of Nepal,
•    Amounts received in the form of loan, grant or assistance from any foreign government or international organization or body,
•    Amounts received in consideration for providing the service system to the ser vice providers,
•    Amounts received as licensee fees from the service providers,
•    Amounts paid as tariff by the customers,
All the expenses of the Board shall be borne out of the fund as Amounts received from any other source.  The amounts credited into be the fund of the Board shall be deposited in an account to opened with any bank or financial institution with Nepal, and the operation of such an account shall be as prescribed.
User protection fund:  
The Board shall establish a user protection fund, into which the amount received as fine by the Board shall be credited.

Accounts and audit:
 The accounts of the Board shall be maintained in accordance w ith the prevailing laws.  The Board shall carry out, or cause to be carried out, internal audit and internal control as prescribed.  The audit of the accounts of the Board shall be carried out by the auditor appointed by the Committee.  The Government of Nepal may, if it so wishes, examine, or cause to be examined, the accounts of the Board and docum ents relating thereto, at any time.

Executive Committee Members


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