Functions, duties and powers of the Board:
•    To acquire, build, expand, reform and rehabilitate the service system,
•    To formulate and implement policies on the use of the service,
•    To prevent the misuse of potable water and prevent pollution of potable water
•    To carry out study, research and survey on the source, distribution of potable water, and sanitation,
•    To formulate and implement  short-term and long-term policies on the service system
•    To ascertain such in vestment as required for the operation of the service and prepare a plan for the same, and arrange financial resources,
•    To have the rate of tariff service fixed pursuant to the pre vailing laws,
•    To make necessary arrangements for the provision of qualitative and effective ser vice, of the development of the service and acquire the same, To identify the source of funding required for the expansion and
•    To give license to the service providers for provid ing the service, or provide the service by entering into an agreement with the service providers,
•    To recover the fixed tariff in consideration for the service provided to the users,
•    If any user is aggrieved while providing the service by the service pro vider, to hear the grievance and provide appropriate remedy
•    To perform such other functions as prescribed as may be required for the operation of the service.

Executive Committee Members


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