Government Power to give direction:
 The Government of Nepal may givenecessary direction to the Board in relation to the maintenance of quality of service, protection of environment and maintenance of quality of potable and sanitation, and it shall be the duty of the Board to abide by such direction.

    Annual report to be submitted:  
The Board shall submit an annual report to the Government of Nepal within Three months of the expiration of each financial year, and the report shall also contain the following matters:
•    Statements of the incomes and expenses of the Board,
•    Statements of the functions performed by the Board throughout the year and administrative expenses incurred therein,
•    Action plan for the coming year and estimated budget required for the same and source thereof,
•    Such other details as prescribed.

    Liaison with the Government of Nepal:
In maintaining contact with the Government of Nepal, the Board shall make so through the Ministry of Urban Development.

Executive Committee Members


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