Bharatpur Water Supply Management Board (BWSMB) is a public statutory entity, which as the asset owner of the Water Supply Systems within the Bharatpur Municipality. Government of Nepal (GON) has formed the Board on Bhadra 31, 2064 as per “Water supply Management Board Act 2063” on recommendation of Bharatpur Municipality.   It is an autonomous and corporate body with perpetual succession. The Board shall have a separate seal of its own,  may acquire, use, sell, dispose of or otherwise manage any movable, immovable property, like an individual and  may sue and be also sued by its name, like an individual.  BWSMB can adopt different modes of operation of water supply systems. It can run the systems by itself, from user groups or from other service providers.
Originally there were two major water supply systems. First system run by Nepal Water Supply Corporation, Bharatpur, which was handed over by GoN on B.S.  2056, the second system was constructed by  Bharatpur  Municipality under Urban and Environment Improvement Program (UEIP). GoN has recently (Bhadra 20, 2069) handed overed the assets and liabilities of the Nepal Water Supply Corporation to BWSMS.  At present both systems are under the management of BWSMB.

Geographical area of the Board
The geographical area of the Board to be formed shall be as specified by the Government of Nepal in the notice published in the Nepal Gazette, at the time of the formation of the Board.  As per the Formation order published in Nepal Gazzete of Baiskh 6, 2067, the Geographical area of the Bharatpur Municipality has been defined as the service area of the board.

Executive Committee Members


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